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It all started in 1951 with the Technical Institute of Metalworking Industry (Tehnični inštitut kovinske industrije – TIKI) in Ljubljana.

State-of-the-art engineering knowledge has been combined with innovative production solutions ever since. In 1955, Tiki becomes a synonym for water heaters in the former Yugoslavia. Already at that time, Slovenian solutions are known for their economy and amazing design. In 1978, when Tiki becomes part of the Gorenje Group, innovative solutions push back boundaries. Water heaters are joined by hot water heat pumps.


Tiki enters 2020 with residential heat pumps.


In 2019 Tiki becomes a part of the global Swedish corporation NIBE Industrier, which conserves the trademark, expressing respect to the Slovenian tradition – and the global vision!


Since 2015 Tiki has been producing over half a million appliances per year for homes all around the globe.


Since 2010 production has been located in Serbia.


After Slovenia gains its independence in 1991, Tiki loses several markets in the former Yugoslavia. Consolidation with the help of the Slovenian Development Corporation lasted almost a decade, but by 2000 Tiki successfully shifted its focus to various new European markets.


Already in 1983, Tiki places its bets on the heat pump. The Naš čas weekly newspaper instructed its readers that the heat pump is “intended for economic heating of domestic water, which, compared to the electric boiler, consumes three times less electric energy”.


Tiki becomes part of the Gorenje Group.


On the company’s tenth anniversary the director announces, in line with the values of the time and the society, “We have fulfilled our obligation to the society and the working man”. In the tenth year of the company’s existence, its realisation was 55 times higher than in the year of its founding. Moreover, in the “second five years” from 1956 to 1960, the income per employee increased by as much as ten times!


In 1956, the production of electric heaters is entirely industrialised. An important part of the production is a reconstructed 110-tonne hydraulic press for the heater linings.


At first Tiki produced various products, from transformers and thermostats, to hot welding devices and irrigation device pipes, to electric heaters. But already in 1955, the “study of typification of various electric water heaters” becomes their priority.


After the post-war administrative management of companies and the termination of directorates, and based on the “Fundamental decree on institutions with independent financing", the name Technical Institute of Metalworking Industry (Tehnični inštitut kovinske industrije, TIKI) appears for the first time in June 1952.


On 1st January 1951, works began literally under the open sky. Later, the works took place under a tarpaulin used for covering carriages, and finally, works commenced in a makeshift 25 m long wooden barrack.

Company ID

Company name: TIKI HVAC, d. o. o.
Company address: Partizanska cesta 12, 3320 Velenje
Registration number: 8203687000
Tax number: 71312234
VAT ID: SI71312234
Company register number: 2020/6735, District Court of Celje
Date of entry in the court register: 15th May 2018
Capital stock: €7500
Transaction account: SI56 0451 5000 3461 759 – Nova KBM, d. d.
Code of activity: 25.210
E-mail: info@tiki.si
Website: www.tiki.si


Company name: Tiki doo Stara Pazova
Company address: Golubinački put 1b, 22300 Stara Pazova, SRBIJA
Registration number: 20104554
Tax number: 104184255
VAT ID: RS104184255
Company register number: 143524/2006, Sremska Mitrovica District Court 14798/2020
Date of entry in the court register: 1st September 2006
Capital stock: €23,305,964.30
Transaction account: RS352 7500 102 205 105 4806
Code of activity: 2751
E-mail: info@tiki.si
Website: www.tiki.si