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Personal data protection

TIKI HVAC, d. o. o. is committed to protect the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of the personal data of users on the website. TIKI HVAC, d. o. o. will collect and process the collected personal data for a specific purpose. The provided data shall be physically and logically protected by TIKI HVAC, d. o. o. Personal data provided by individuals on the basis of personal consent will be processed by TIKI HVAC, d. o. o. until the permission is unambigously cancelled by the user.

The data collected will not be shared with third countries or other organizations.

Access to the collected data shall only be allowed and approved by TIKI HVAC, d. o. o. to its authorised employees.

TIKI HVAC, d. o. o. shall not use collected personal information to perform automated decision making or profiling of individuals.

Should you have any questions regarding the use and processing of personal data, please send a message to info@tiki.si.

Violations in the management and processing of personal data on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia are under the jurisdiction of the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia:

Republic of Slovenia
Information Commissioner
Zaloška 59
1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: 01 230 97 30
Fax: 01 230 97 78
E-mail: gp.ip@ip-rs.si

Head: Mojca Prelesnik, univ. dipl. prav., Information Commissioner

To enforce your rights in the procedure of personal data processing, please fill out the form.