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DHW LT 200

  • Daily electricity consumption Qelec_ACC
    3,762 kWh
  • AEC annual electricity consumption
    797 kWh
  • Net/Gross/Weight with water
    104/116/312 kg
High quality insulation
Indirect tube air heaters
Automatic deforst
Overheating protection
Air ducts
Anti-legionella function

Extraordinary capacity: heats water up to 65°C without the use of an electric heater in the operating range from -7°C to +35°C.

A powerful and functional controller enables simple controlling and overview of the functioning of the pump.

Possibility of using in house generated solar PV power.

Independent ventilation function with user-defined fan operation time offers additional usability and comfort.

Technical properties


Declared load profile
Energy efficiency class
Energy efficiency ƞwh
129 %
AEC annual electricity consumption
797 kWh
Daily electricity consumption Qelec_ACC
3,762 kWh
Thermostat temperature settings
55 °C
Sound power level LWA, indoors /Sound Pressure on 1m
59 / 48 dB(A)
Value of smart
Storage volume V
208,0 l
Mixed water at 40°C V40
260 l

Technical characteristics

Heating time A15/W10-55
05:21 h:min
Heating time A7/W10-55
06:24 h:min
Energy consuption by choosen cyclus A15/W10-55
3,71 kWh
Energy consumption by chosen cycle A7/W10-55
3,82 kWh
COPDHW(A15/W10-55) EN16147
COPDHW (A7 / W10-55) EN 16147
Standby power input according to EN16147
24 W
R134a (GWP 1430)
Quantity of refrigiant
1,100 kg
Working range - air temperature
-7 / +35 °C
Working Air Flow
220-450 m3/h
Pressure Drop by 330 m3/h (60%/80%)
100 Pa

Electrical specifications

Nominal electrical power -compressor
490 W
Maximum power consumption
2490 W
Number of el.heaters x power
2 x 1000 W
230/50 V/Hz
Electric protection
16 A
Degree of protection
IP 24

Storage tank

Enamelled steel / Protection Mg anode
Working pressure
0,6 (6) / 0,9 (9)/ 1(10) Mpa (bar)
Max working pressure heat exchanger
Surface area of the heat exchanger lower/upper
Heat exchanger volume bottom /top
Exchange power in continuous mode (max. coil output)
Continous output ΔT=35K (4)

Max temperature

Hot water tank heat pump
65 °C
Hot water tank electric heater
75 °C
Hot water tank heat exchanger

Dimensions and connections

Average thickness of insulation
67 mm
Connections to the supply network
Dimensions of air connections
Ø160 mm
Connections to the heat exchanger
Net/Gross/Weight with water
104/116/312 kg

Transportation data

Packaging dimensions [WxDxH]
800x800x1765 mm