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DHWM 200

  • Daily electricity consumption Qelec_ACC
    2,709 kWh
  • AEC annual electricity consumption
    576 kWh
  • Storage volume V
    200,0 l
High quality insulation
Indirect tube air heaters
Overheating protection
Anti-legionella function

Operation range +7°C to +40°C.

Heating of water up to 65°C in heat pump only mode.

Electric emergency/booster heater factory-fitted as standard for an occasionally higher hot water demand.

Technical properties


Declared load profile
Energy efficiency class
Energy efficiency ƞwh
178 %
AEC annual electricity consumption
576 kWh
Daily electricity consumption Qelec_ACC
2,709 kWh
Thermostat temperature settings
55 °C
Sound power level LWA, indoors
58 dB(A)
Storage volume V
200,0 l
Mixed water at 40°C
265 l

Technical characteristics

Heating time A15/W10-55
08:07 h:min
Heating time A20/W10-55
07:19 h:min
Energy consuption by choosen cyclus A15 / W10-55
3,01 kWh
Energy consumption by chosen cycle A20 / W10-55
2,72 kWh
COPDHW(A15/W10-55) EN16147
COPDHW (A20/W10-55) EN16147
Standby power input according to EN16147
15 W
R134a (GWP 1430)
Quantity of refrigiant
0,95 kg
Working range - air temperature
+7 / +40 °C

Electrical specifications

Nominal electrical power -compressor
300 W
Maximum power consumption
2480 W
Number of el.heaters x power
2 x 1000 W
230/50 V/Hz
Electric protection
16 A
Degree of protection
IP 22

Storage tank

Enamelled steel / Protection Mg anode
Working pressure
0,6 (6) / 0,9 (9) Mpa (bar)

Max temperature

Hot water tank heat pump
65 °C
Hot water tank electric heater
75 °C
Hot water tank heat exchanger

Dimensions and connections

Average thickness of insulation
60 mm
Connections to the supply network
G 3/4
Connections to the heat exchanger
Max working pressure heat exchanger
Surface area of the heat exchanger lower/upper
Heat exchanger volume bottom /top
Exchange power in continuous mode (max. coil output)
Net/Gross/Weight with water
85/97/285 kg

Transportation data

Packaging dimensions [WxDxH]
760x760x2060 mm