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DHW line

Domestic hot water pumps ensure outstanding energy efficiency

Some models enable up to 75% energy savings.



Models with or without an internal coil heat exchanger


Air ducts
LCD touch screen


Ambient air heat pump


Digital regulation


Booster – water-to-water heat pump utilizes water from a low-temperature heating circuit to heat sanitary water up to 65°C.


LCD touchscreen


Wall-mounted heat pump – ideal replacement for a classic electric water heater.


Air ducts
LCD touchscreen


DHW Heat Pump module

For those who already have a hot water tank.

Air ducts
LCD touchscreen

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Smart solution for small spaces

Thanks to their dimensions and heating properties, the medium-sized domestic heat pumps can easily replace classic electric water heaters. Due to their small size, the heat pumps can be installed in the place where your classic electric water heater used to be.

Guided air

New buildings have well-sealed windows and doors and quality insulation. A heat pump can be used for ventilation, and the heat of the guided air can be used to heat domestic water.

Double anti-corrosion protection

State-of the art, exceptionally pure enamel and a large magnesium anode ensure durability even in the toughest working conditions, without noxious additives in the water.

High-quality insulation

Environment-friendly thermal insulation ensures economic consumption of energy and very low heat losses. In some models the insulation can be up to 100 mm thick. It is made of high-quality, environment-friendly polyurethane foam that does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Indirect tubular air heaters

Electric heaters are inserted in a steel, enamel-protected heating flange and are not in direct contact with water. This ensures their longevity, reduces the accumulation of limescale deposits and simplifies servicing.

External condenser

Wrapped on the outside of the tank, it prevents the accumulation of limescale and prolongs the lifespan while ensuring improved safety of use